Midnight Melodies - eBook

Midnight Melodies

Erica Boyd is just trying to keep her life in one piece. But a family feud and a far-too-attractive newcomer threaten to blow it to pieces.

Try as she might, Erica can't quite escape the maelstrom of her mother's ambition to control every aspect of a project to honor Howard and Bridget Taylor, beloved pillars of the Whitehall, Texas, community from years gone by. Whitehall's competition for queen of the social scene is fierce--different factions have different ideas about how to honor the Taylors. Erica's closeted relationship with Alice Goodman is hanging by a thread, and for reasons she won't explain, Erica's grandmother is actively resisting the whole Taylor history project, creating a generational feud with Erica caught in the middle.

Everybody knows that Howard Taylor and bride Bridget emigrated from England back in 1912. When the frazzled local historian can't confirm it, she's replaced with a professional: out and audacious Rae, who jumps into the already powder keg situation. Erica's mesmerized attraction to the dynamic Rae--and the rumor of a sealed diary—lights the fuse on this story of small town society, survival and secrets.

Megan Carter (Passionate Kisses) brings her readers a lighthearted story of then and now with another cast of her unforgettable characters. Winner, Golden Crown Award for Historical Romance.
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 292
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931376e
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer LA Callaghan


  • Titanic buffs, this one's for you!
  • The sweeter, softer side of Frankie Jones, with sympathetic, believable characters.
  • "Megan" is often inspired by music in her writing.
GCLS Goldie Awards

Midnight Melodies: Winner, Lesbian Historical Romance.


Just About Write

November, 2009: Midnight Melodies is a poignant story, with a generous side of laughter thrown in to offset the serious nature of the beginning of the tale. Taken as a whole, the story is one not to be missed.

October, 2008: Megan Carter, aka Frankie J. Jones, has written many books, usually standard romances. This one may go down as her best. She shows her mastery of her craft through the characters she creates and the way she presents them. Midnight Melodies is definitely worth reading.

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