Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings - eBook

Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings

Second helpings—you know you want some. Feast on a literary dessert buffet of short stories featuring the beloved characters who took your breath away and stole your heart.

Inspired by classics like Touchwood, Wild Things and Substitute for Love, as well as bestsellers and award-winners like Above Temptation, The Kiss That Counted and Warming Trend, Karin's second volume of follow-up stories is sure to satisfy your craving for more.

Karin Kallmaker is a three-time winner of the Lambda Literary Award and has enjoyed numerous other accolades over her twenty-year devotion to lesbian romance.
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Price: $9.99

Genre Romance, Anthology
Pub Date
# Pages 256
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932052e
Editor Katherine V Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • Answers the burning question "What happened next?"
  • Familiar women you can fall in love with, all over again!
  • Extra "sprinkles" from the author about the inspirations for the novels and stories.
  • Perfect companion to the first volume of Frosting on the Cake.
  • Read the appetizer - includes the table of contents and first story in its entirety! Click to open a PDF in a new window.
GCLS Goldie Awards

Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings - Winner, Lesbian Short Stories/Essays

Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice

Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings - Top 5 Reader Favorite, Lesbian Short Stories


Just About Write

February, 2011: What a delightful dessert it is to savor the characters of many of Kallmaker’s previous full-length stories... Frosting on the Cake 2 is like eavesdropping on the lives of people we know and love in order to check in and make sure things are still going well for them... Sweet second-helpings from the Queen of Lesbian Romance.

Kudos for the first Frosting on the Cake

Richard LaBonte: With Frosting on the Cake she's more than imaginative, she's cleverly inventive...

Carol Rosenfeld, Lambda Book Report: I started with "And Now a Word...or Two," and ate the whole thing, buttercream rose and all, savoring every bite.

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