Under My Skin - eBook

Under My Skin

Private detective Robin Miller has retreated to a cabin in the Poconos to escape the pressures of her work and the recurring, increasingly graphic memories of a childhood trauma. A fight between Noreen and ex-lover Helen signals the first interruption to Robin's refuge in peaceful Telham Village. The next event is a suspicious death.

Robin, dragged into an ever-widening homicide investigation, finds further complication when K.T. Bellflower returns to her life. K.T., passionate and exciting, is the woman who awakens in Robin dreams of a love she long ago renounced. Robin's homicide investigation leads her down dark trails of suspicion in this once peaceful community.

One of those trails leads Robin to her closest friend and plunges her into battle with her own innermost demons. Her heart and very life on the line, Robin faces the ultimate challenge and everything is at risk.

Under My Skin is the third book in the dynamic, Lambda Literary Award Winning series.

First Published by Naiad Press 1993
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Genre Mystery
Pub Date
# Pages 220
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932076e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest and Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles




While sleuthing, Miller resumes her romantic interest with restaurateur K. T. Belleflower; both women have to confront demons from their dysfunctional childhoods—and so does the murderer. The writing is crisp, the action taut, and the denouement a near-hysterical nail biter in this follow-up to Maiman's Lambda Award winner, Crazy for Loving. - Marie Kuda

Publishers Weekly
Robin's sleuthing is as sharp as always!

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