Blind Bet - eBook

Blind Bet

Two women with nothing in common meet at the blackjack tables...

Ellen Turcotte's messy divorce from her wife forces her to take a break from her life. She'll go back, after some rest and relaxation. When her best friend suggests a little diversionary fun, she becomes smitten with the allure of cards and the intriguing stranger who never seems to lose a hand. But Ellen isn't the kind of woman to gamble with love or cards.

Courtney Langford's favorite date is with Lady Luck. Missing a flight connection and avoiding a deadly plane crash is just the latest example of the successful business executive coming up aces. Cards, women... Seduction is just another way to win. Why should the lovely Ellen be any different?

But Ellen turns out to be a wild card in a game Courtney has been trying so hard not to play.

Tracey Richardson puts all the cards on the table as two women decide if they're going to bet on love.
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 258 pages
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932113e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • Two women with nothing in common meet at the blackjack tables... Risk is a game, until love is the dealer.
  • From Lambda Literary Award finalist Tracey Richardson, also author of No Rules of Engagement and The Candidate
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Kissed by Venus

Carolyn Filler - August 2011: This is the second of Ms Richardson's novels I've reviewed. I like her brand of romance. Neither fluffy nor edgy, they strike me as, just right. They are playful and sexy, not silly... Can a vacation romance survive beyond a vacation? Can you learn to trust again? This romance is well written, and intelligent. The erotic elements are very effective. All in all, this is an enjoyable romance and well worth your time.

The Lesbian News

Teresa DeCrescenzo - February 2011: ...All the elements of a good romance: a recently divorced alpha dog dyke at loose ends but determined not to fall in love again anytime soon; a cataclysmic event that serves as a huge wake-up call to said alpha dyke; a lost soul who has counted on Lady Luck for most of her good fortune, and is about to learn that Lady Luck never gives, she only lends...

Just About Write

RLynne - June 2011: Richardson shows wonderful character development as Ellen and Courtney each search deeply within themselves to find the truth behind their traumas. Each woman emerges stronger as she fights to not become one of the walking wounded. Blind Bet is a funny enjoyable love story as well as a story of personal growth and understanding.

Lynne Pierce - March 2011: The characters Richardson gives us in this story are as complex as the tale itself. What Courtney experiences is about more than overcoming one tragic event in her life, it's about letting go of who she once was and finding a more authentic self. As Ellen comes to terms with her trust issues, she must also learn to take a chance, to step out into the unkown and embrace the possibilities. Blind Bet is a story about working through issues to gain the possibility of love and a vibrant life on the other side of misfortune. A well-written story that gives us pause to reflect on what's important in life.

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