Beautiful Game - eBook

Beautiful Game

It's 1991 and Melissa Etheridge is a brand new voice on the radio. In Southern California it's almost—but not quite—safe to say lesbian out loud. For Camille Wallace, a sophomore attending San Diego University on a soccer scholarship, life is sweet. She has gay friends, the sport she loves and a future full of possibilities.

Her possible futures don't include a woman like Jess Maxwell. Potential all-American, star-caliber tennis player and in every way the perfect co-ed, Jess isn't likely to notice Cam's admiring glances. Even if she does, chances are she'll never think of Cam as more than a fan.

The brilliant sunshine might be why Cam sees a side of Jess that no one else has realized is there. But it will take more than training and tenacity to find out if Jess wants to be the woman Cam believes lurks within. It may take more than Cam can possibly risk.

Kate Christie looks at love and the pursuit of happiness for two vibrant, gifted college athletes in the early Gay 90s.
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 224
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932458e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Judy Fellows



Terry's LesFic Reviews

February, 2012: Another winning title from Kate... Much more than a romance too. The character of Jess and the secret she is hiding has been written about with sensitivity and understanding in a totally acceptable and believable way. I have to admit, I'm not "into" sports, but I loved this book as the sports aspect is not overwhelming. Plus I could understand and relate to the descriptions of the games. So, don't let that put anyone off. There is plenty for sports fans too. A happy medium.

Just About Write

October, 2011: Edited by Katherine V. Forrest, Beautiful Game is a wonderful romp back into the ups and downs of college life. Christie's characters are wonderful, and U. C. San Diego is a beautiful place to visit. - R Lynne

The Rainbow Reader

June, 2011: I bought Kate Christie's Beautiful Game because it sounded fun, and I'm in a post Women's World Cup soccer frenzy. This one was supposed to be just for me. But then it had to go and be fantastic, make me warm and happy inside, and refuse to let me go until I had finished the last sentence and hugged my Kindle to my chest with all the strength in my little blogging body.

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