In the Unlikely Event... - Paperback

In the Unlikely Event...

Chase Banter has always been about risk avoidance, but parenthood has changed all that. Among other things, she's embraced a writer's life, joined the board of the Lesbian Illumination Institute and stired up rebellion within the PTA.

When she and her BFF Lacey butt heads over the Institute, Chase decides it's high time she prove once and for all that she is a changed woman. Her daughter, Bud, is an eight-year-old filmmaker who will document her mother's fearlessness—once she figures out how to focus past knee caps. Chase proves she can visit Urgent Care and not wash her hands afterward. She can skateboard, teach people how to drive and—to the surprise of many, including herself—she can gift wrap anything.

All these changes can only lead to one thing: the Gift Wrapping National Finals. How hard can it be, after all? It's not as if she's going to jump out of a plane or anything like that.

Saxon Bennett's tongue-in-cheek take on Chase Banter's quirky lesbian life won a Golden Crown Award for Family Affair. Marching to a Different Accordion was an instant bestseller.
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Price: $15.95

Genre General Lesbian Fiction
Pub Date
# Pages 264
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932977
Editor Medora McDougall
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative


  • This book continues the story begun in the award-winning, fan favorites Family Affair and Marching to a Different Accordion.
  • Saxon Bennett's characters are always offbeat and utterly loveable!
  • Read the appetizer! Click to open a PDF in a new window.



GCLS Goldie Awards

Previous books in the Chase Banter Series Family Affair and Marching to a Different Accordion — Winners, General/Dramatic Fiction.

Terry's Lesfic Reviews

This book is crazy, an absolute side splitting laugh throughout. There are lots of wonderful multidimensional characters playing large and smaller parts all interacting really well together to further the story in this hilarious fun filled lesbian family romp.


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