Down to the Bone - Paperback

Down to the Bone

When Shai receives text messages from Marlena, the love of her life, and reads them during class, her dramatic mother finds out what her A-student daughter's been doing behind her back and kicks her to the curb.

Soon Shai becomes involved with an unusual group of friends in exotic Miami. Can a discarded free-thinker turn the corner into a world as wild, hilarious, and painful as her first loveā€”and create a new kind of family?

Bella Books is proud to bring the expanded Author's Edition of this best-selling Young Adult classic to print.

Booklist *Starred Review*

Sun-filled wonderland of friends, choices, broken hearts, honesty, family and love. - Alex Sanchez, Rainbow Boys

Originally published by Harper Teen 2008.
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Genre LGBT Young Adult
Pub Date
# Pages 268
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933172
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative




Down to the Bone: Starred Review!

School Library Journal

Laugh-out-loud irreverent!

Brent Hartinger, Geography Club

Colorful and energetic - the bold new trend!

Alex Sanchez, Rainbow Boys

Sun-filled wonderland of friends, choices, broken hearts, honesty, family and love.

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