Saving Morgan - eBook

Saving Morgan

Morgan Rahn is devastated when her co-worker is killed in a freak Moon Base accident—that he was wearing her gear at the time is more than a little disconcerting. His replacement, Shaine Wendt, proves competent, and, over time, distractingly attractive.

Shaine has tried to walk away from her former life as a Special Operative in Earth Guard. The simple life of a mechanic and possibilities with the passionate Morgan are all she wants. But Shaine’s old security boss presses her into service as undercover security for Morgan. No one, including Morgan, is to know of Shaine’s dual role.

When Morgan is attacked directly, it’s clear that even far from Earth’s intrigues there are lies and secrets that can drive someone to murder. Shaine is committed to protecting Morgan from all harm. But how can Morgan trust her when Shaine is part of yet another lie?
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Genre Romance, Speculative
Pub Date
# Pages 240
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933653e
Editor Nene Adams
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative



GCLS Goldie Awards

Saving MorganWinner,
Lesbian Science-Fiction; Finalist, Lesbian Debut Author.

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