FutureDyke - Paperback


It was a desperate choice. Stay and die, or accept cryosleep and wake in the near future cured. Leslie Burke chose to sleep.

She awakens to the unthinkable—four thousand years and more have passed. Leslie and others like her are revived as scarcely tolerated refugees from the past.

Beset with loneliness and confusion, Leslie grapples with the enormity of the changes around her. Faxims live alongside humans, but she quickly realizes that the greed and duplicity of the human heart haven’t changed.

Concerned only with finding a place for herself in a new world, Leslie can’t fathom why she is singled out for scrutiny by the ruling Council. Who can she call friend? How can she trust her own heart, especially regarding the alluring—but not quite human—Aimée?

By the author of the luminous, romantic Waiting for Harper Lee.
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Price: $16.95

Genre Romance, Speculative
Pub Date
# Pages 288
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933943
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • A refugee from the past, once again with a love society does not want to see...


Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Lambda Literary Awards

FutureDyke, Finalist, LGBT Speculative Fiction.

Terry's Lesfic Reviews

The one thing [Leslie Burke] discovers that hasn’t changed in her new world is the human penchant for avarice and hypocrisy... A real roller-coaster ride. Jashari and it’s people are so well described, I managed to immerse myself totally in the story and live alongside Leslie and Aimée.

More Praise for Lea Daley

Lea Daley: Alice B. Reader's Lavender Certificate for Debut Author

The Lesbian Review

Future Dyke is a book that really builds. Can you fall in love with a robot?? I did…please don’t tell my gf!

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