Drive All Night - eBook

Drive All Night


"A piece of lesbian history from the 'girl with a guitar' who truly sang for her supper.
Jamie brings the road to you in color and out loud."
–Suzanne Westenhoefer

She's opened for Holly Near, closed a church coffeehouse by saying "uterus" and danced with a tornado. From taking her shirt off for Amy Ray to housing with a pig, she's always looking for the perfect gig.

With a delightful mix of horror road stories, fan girl name dropping and commentary on the people and times, Anderson describes the joys and travails of the touring circuit as she creates the music and stories of our lives.

"An extraordinary glimpse into the life of a touring musician."
–Nancy Manahan

"Jamie's as endlessly funny an entertainer on the page as on the stage."
–Lee Lynch

"She leads with her sense of humor and heart..."
–Lisa Koch

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Genre LGBT Memoir
Pub Date
# Pages 310
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933998e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



GCLS Goldie Awards

Drive All Night — Finalist, Lesbian Anthology/Collection (Creative Non-Fiction).

Alix Dobkin, groundbreaking musician, composer, Lavender Jane Loves Women

Curious about the nitty gritty of life on the folk road? Then these stories, told by a fearless, good natured minstrel in the tradition of the second oldest profession, are for you. My own experiences confirm the truth of what sister Jamie describes in this series of intimate, revealing and humorous vignettes.

Lisa Koch, singer-songwriter-comedian-actor-raconteur

Singer/songwriter Jamie Anderson's road memoir, "Drive All Night" is a spot on peek into the life of a traveling comic musician. A lesbian folk comic musician, at that. Her recollections of grungy lodging, shady producers, half-deaf sound engineers and miles of highway weariness are juxtaposed with her road warrior's wit and the magical, musical friendships she has made over the years. It's a funny, crazy, complicated journey, and she leads with her sense of humor and heart. I have shared many stages with Jamie over the years, and she is constantly in motion-- writing, gigging, networking, recording, booking. And always laughing. This book gives you an inside look into the not-so-glamorous daily grind and tremendous joys of a career as a working musician.

Suzanne Westenhoefer, candid, bold and brazen lesbian comic

A great "you are there" memoir of the Women's Music Era. Jamie puts you on the ground, in the air and backstage so vividly you'll believe you toured with her.


Leading with her Jonathan Winters-like sense of heartfelt humor, accompanied by hearty dollops of “road warrior” wit and colorful details about the many ongoing musical friendships she has made over the years, the Tempe, Arizona-raised Anderson’s recollections also get down to the nitty-gritty with numerous tales of shady, self-serving promoters, bum lodgings, not-a-clue sound engineers, unexpected weather conditions (think near-electrocution), pre-internet booking and recording time-consuming conundrums, various sub-standard bars, clubs, basements and living room performance spaces, terrible hours, worse pay and miles after miles of highway loneliness...

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