Heights of Green - eBook

Heights of Green

Torrin Ivanov’s homecoming wasn’t the smooth, triumphant process she’d imagined. She almost killed her girlfriend Jak Stowell in their escape and now that they’re planetside, the intrigue of her business occupies all of her time.

Jak believed all of the lies that Torrin told her—that things would be better when they got home. But then she walked in to find Torrin in a lip-lock with one of her exes, and that was more than she could stand.

Shocked and betrayed, Jak dedicates herself to training militia-women, spending her days as far away from Torrin as possible. But Jak’s new friends have their own agendas and now her internal compass has gone haywire, severely compromising her safety in the field.

When a militia member dies and Jak disappears, Torrin begins a desperate race against time. This time around, Jak’s life depends on her.
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Genre Science-Fiction
Pub Date
# Pages 332 pages
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934582e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Book Two of the On Deception's Edge series.
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  • View the amazing illustration of the map of the planet featured in Depths of Blue.

  • Reviews

    Lesbian Reading Room

    Ms. MacTague once again builds a stunning world whose women run an entire planet, from politics to economics to the military and everything in between. As most second parts in a trilogy, this one ends in a cliffhanger, leaving dangling threads to be picked up and carried through to the third book. I’d suggest that you have the third book, Vortex of Crimson, at the ready. As soon as you put down Heights of Green, you will want to start reading the next one immediately. I know I am!! Lise MacTague is batting 1000 so far with the Edge of Deception trilogy. I can’t wait to keep reading!

    Rainbow Book Reviews

    What a rip-roaring sequel this is to ‘Depths of Blue’! There are layers within layers in this book, and the subtle ways they are revealed is brilliant in its execution. It’s clear something is going on, but MacTague teases this out, strand by strand, and brings it all to a stunning ending. There’s politics, intrigue, action, and lots of emotion. Both Jak and Torrin’s actions and reactions are explored in just the right amount of detail alongside the story itself, and it’s a fantastic blend. The book finishes on a great cliffhanger, ready for book three, and I can’t wait to get started on that.

    The Lesbian Review

    The ending had me standing on my feet. Reading it had me pumped and the teaser at the end did nothing to slow my heart rate down. The way Jak’s and Torrin’s journeys split apart and then come back together had me turning pages so fast I got a digital paper cut and those SOBs hurt! But it was worth it.

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