Matters of the Heart - eBook

Matters of the Heart

Darcy Silver has everything money can buy except for a way to erase the past. A tragic car accident has left her temporarily dependent on others for even the most basic of needs—but everyone she cares about seems to have abandoned her.

Dr. Andrea Trapani would like to forget the past too. Being a full-time medical caretaker for a cantankerous woman is not where she expected her career to take her. But when Andrea sees that Darcy’s frustration will have serious medical consequences, she vows to bring peace and stability to Darcy’s world.

As two wounded souls fight to overcome their past and face the fears of the future, will love be the right medicine?
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 296 pages
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594934933e
Editor Shelly Rafferty
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • A Bella Debut Novel.
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  • Reviews

    The Lesbian Review

    Matters of the Heartis a lesbian medical romance where a doctor and patient find love together. I don’t know how Catherine Maoirisi did it. I hated Darcy at the beginning and didn’t think anything could redeem her—so much so that I considered putting this book down. I’m glad I didn’t, however, because Darcy has one HECK of an arc, and is a totally different person at the end, through the love and patience of Andrea and some of their friends. I recommend Matters of the Heart to anyone who’s looking for a solid, traditional romance.

    Rainbow Book Reviews

    I’m a sucker for a slow-burning romance, and this one nicely hit that spot. As is made clear in the introduction, it’s Maiorisi’s first attempt at a full-length romance–previously she has been known for murder mysteries. If she wants to continue in this genre, she’s off to a great start.

    Customer Reviews

    Matters of the Heart is akin to enjoying your favorite ice cream sundae on a hot summer day. You want it to last forever but can’t stop eating. A slow burning sizzle. The chemistry between Dr. Andrea Trapani and her patient Darcy Silver burns from their first encounter. Silver laid up from a tragic accident needs around the clock care. Enter Trapani who has ghosts of her own and the fire soars. Trapani's goal is to get Darcy well and stay professional while doing it. They feel the attraction however Trapani tamps her down while Darcy teases and taunts with abandon. She’s decided the good doctor will be hers. Eventually a gaggle of Darcy’s friends come around and the party really heats up. Tori, a former lover and friend, just loves to inquire into their lives with pointed innuendos. Love is a wonderful thing even when you’re too scared to admit it. Or maybe it’s because you’re frightened. Take a slow undulating ride out to the cosmos. Enjoyable from first page to last.
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