My Lady Lipstick - Paperback

My Lady Lipstick

by Karin Kallmaker
Anita Topaz, Queen of the Bodice Rippers, is deliberately a woman of mystery. But pressure is mounting for Anita to reveal herself to her clamoring public. It’s scrutiny that writer Paris Ellison can’t allow, especially since the glamorous “Anita” is a work of pure fiction. But she’s also not happy with the madcap ruse proposed by a desperate, unemployed actress she hardly knows. Paris can’t let someone as unsettling and observant as Diana get that close, even if she looks more like Anita than Paris ever could.

Lady Diana Beckinsale excels at disappearing into a good role. Especially if that role gets her close to certain objects she desires. If she and the handsome, secretive Paris both get what they want out of an unorthodox arrangement, then it’s a win-win.

High stakes on a merry-go-round of lies—it’s all fun and games until somebody loses her heart.
Genre Romance
Pub Date January 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935688

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