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Mac closed her eyes because that's how one traditionally prepared for prayer, and she was in need of divine intervention. A hiccup of laughter almost bubbled out of her. What kind of merciful goddess would cast her, shirtless and prostrate before a roaring fire on a stormy night, subject to the tender ministrations of the straightest woman on the eastern seaboard?

Mac is a new therapist at Fireside, a domestic violence shelter in rural Virginia. Mac hopes to find answers here—answers for the women and children she works with, and to her own lifelong restlessness. Perhaps she'll even learn the identity of the small ghost who's been following her all her life.

Abby is the shelter's doctor—irresistibly alluring, and straight as a stick. Mac and Abby, devoted to those they serve, discover equal passion for each other while fighting to protect all they love.

Fireside is a story of love, friendship, healing, and laying our ghosts to rest at last.
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Price: $4.99

Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 232 pages
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602820449e

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