Agnes - eBook


Sandy Parker left and never looked back after Hurricane Agnes washed her childhood home into the Susquehanna River. Her lover, Jeannie Bennett, died in the flood, and although Sandy went on to live an extraordinary life, she regrets that she never really said good-bye. Now, Sandy returns to bury her grandmother and finally find closure with Jeannie. Instead, she uncovers secrets long buried in the debris of the flood, secrets that at least one person is willing to kill to protect. Will Sandy discover the truth that will change her life forever, or will a murderer put another Parker in the grave?
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Genre Lesbian General Fiction, Intrigue/Thriller
Pub Date
# Pages 88,562 words/240 pages
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626390331e
Editor Shelley Thrasher
Cover Designer Sheri

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