Dresses and Other Catastrophes - eBook

Dresses and Other Catastrophes

Doc was always good at procrastinating about the important things in her life. Tomorrows would often arrive with many things still undone, so she would rationalize and put them off until the next day. But after eight years with her partner Sam, Doc becomes aware that it's time to start facing their tomorrows. While she knows their relationship is a constant—a given, a permanent promise—she also knows that a ceremony would be an important statement to the world regarding her love for Sam.

Within forty-eight hours of her realization, the two are on a plane to Holland planning to embrace their feelings and make that very statement. Upon their arrival, Doc and Sam hit the ground running—only to immediately begin to trip and fall.

In this follow up to the highly acclaimed A Poem for What's Her Name and Same Socks Marriage, Dresses and Other Catastrophes is the story of how an absent-minded idealist and a work-driven attorney act impulsively and insanely after eight years of waiting for tomorrow's dream of forever.
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Price: $9.99

Genre Romance
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781883523978e

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