Clinic, The - eBook

The Clinic

Aided by a haunted young City medic, the descendents of an ancient warrior tribe fight for their freedom.

Brenna's new duties as a Clinic medic include monitoring the health of political prisoners after they've been interrogated. The extreme measures employed by Caster, the Clinic's director, are not supposed to distress Brenna—any such humanistic concerns have long been dismissed by the tyrannical City Government. But Brenna finds herself deeply conflicted by her first patient, Jesstin, a wild and rebellious warrior reputed to be descended from ancient Amazons. Through Jess, she learns of another way of life in the Amazon village of Tristaine, where freedom and passion are prized more highly than political power.

As Caster's methods grow increasingly brutal, Brenna fears for Jess's life, and struggles with the deepening bond between them. Soon she faces a critical choice, and a harrowing fight for survival.
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Genre Romance, Romantic Fantasy
Pub Date
# Pages 191 pages
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781933110424e

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