Prairie Fire - eBook

Prairie Fire

In this sequel to Tumbleweed Fever, the story of Devlin Brown, an ex-outlaw, and Sarah Tolliver, the woman of her heart, continues.

Sarah and Devlin must convince the ranchers around them to destroy the wire fences that contain their cattle to avoid certain calamity. Amidst the beautiful and sometimes unforgiv- ing land of the Oklahoma Territory, Sarah and Devlin begin a new life. Adventure and mysticism abound as they revisit the Choctaw camp.

Sarah must decide whether she will undergo the clan rituals that will allow her to join with the former outlaw in a ceremony that will bind their hearts together forever. Each woman must undergo an incredible test of her indivi- dual skills and all the while race against time to prevent a premonition from becoming a frightening reality.
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Price: $11.95

Genre Romance, Adventure
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781933113470e

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