Question of Courage, A - eBook

A Question of Courage

With some things, the important things, it doesn't matter how far you go, you still have to face them. Jess is stuck. Her half-hearted attempts to deal with her body issues have failed and all relationships fail with it. Just as frustration threatens to overwhelm her, an escape route appears in the form of her brother's plea for help. Nick works at a children's activity centre and comes to her with tales of sinister goings-on. Although Jess is not convinced, she accepts a residential job as the temporary archery instructor, hoping the change of scenery might offer her some relief.

She settles into camp life quickly but soon realises her problems have gone with her. Now though, there's more to worry about. Evidence proves Nick is under surveillance, meanwhile, the unexpected disappearances of camp residents continue. Just as Jess needs all the allies she can get, she is forced to question her decision to trust her Texan cabin-mate.

As the events at camp become increasingly dangerous, Jess's eating disorder spirals to crisis level. Under pressure from multiple directions Jess can feel herself cracking. Escape is no longer an option. At a time of emotional weakness, she must find the strength to battle her internal demons as well as those in human form.

This is the second book in the Jess Maddocks series.
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Price: $9.99

Genre General Lesbian Fiction
Publisher Regal Crest
ISBN 9781935053248e

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