Clarity - Paperback


Frustrated by a boss who continually passes her up for promotion, Chicago-based network producer Andrea Payton decides it's time to take back control of her career. She accepts an executive producer position with Resort TV's fledgling affiliate station KCOR in Summit County, the heart of Colorado ski country. The move from big city to small community affords her the opportunity to put some distance between her aching heart and constant reminders of the woman she loved. A romance was not in her plans.

Enter Snow Cap marketing exec Julianna Stevens. Julianna's beauty and sweetness take hold of Andi's bruised heart, and Andi is about to break the lesbian golden rule: no straight women. While Andi tries to avoid falling deeper for the woman she deems "terminally hetero," Julianna secretly wrestles with her perplexing feelings for the alluring new producer.

Through a haze of confusion and doubt, Andi and Julianna search for a moment of clarity.
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Price: $16.95

Genre Romance
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781935216070

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