Moon Through the Magnolia - eBook

Moon Through the Magnolia

Cass O'Banion was tired. Tired of donning the judicial robes for more years than she cared to count. Tired of watching the endless stream of humanity parading by her bench. Tired of Chicago politics and tired of wondering what exactly she wanted out of life. Honestly, Cass was just plain tired—she had insomnia. So when her grandmother, Miriam O'Banion, gave her the option of moving to the sleepy town of Sombre Lac in southeastern Louisiana and start up a law practice, Cass jumped at the chance.

She had hoped to forget the last parade of malcontents, in particular Regina "Dev" Devereaux who annoyed Cass to no end for some reason. But that was not to be and as luck would have it Cass was out of luck which thrilled Dev, and thus further annoying Cass. Dev was happy, Miriam was happy. It seemed everyone in Sombre Lac was happy to welcome another O'Banion back to the bayou.

Other than the alligators and insect life the size of a Buick, how different could this bayou town be from Chicago? Cass O'Banion was about the find out, with Dev's help of course—which was annoying.
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Price: $11.95

Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 236
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781935216391e
Editor Tara Young
Cover Designer Tiger Graphics

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