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Faultline is faultless. Sheila Ortiz Taylor has written an earthquake of a book! - Rita Mae Brown

Faultline is a family narrative done to a brilliant surreal turn. An American standup comic masterpiece sired by Buster Keaton out of Gertrude Stein, born on the San Andreas Fault and danced on the ceiling by a Black Fred Astaire. How otherwise can you talk about the adventures of a lesbian mother with six children, three hundred rabbits and a very relaxed attitude? A laugh out of life at last. - Bertha Harris

Faultline is an intriguing piece of fiction: witty, inventive, and imaginative. - Doris Grumbach
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Genre General Fiction
Pub Date
# Pages 150
Publisher Spinsters Ink
ISBN 9781935226468e
Cover Designer Judy Fellows


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