Daughter of Baal - eBook

Daughter of Baal

A 1920’s society wedding attended by the richest and most fashionable people possible ends in murder. Lady Margo, top sleuth and Maid of Honour suspects there is more to it than the ‘curse’ of the stolen idol in the garden grotto. The Clamp family have been looting the Middle East of archaeological finds for decades, could the culprit be a rival for this lucrative and illegal trade, or more likely has a love triangle gone horribly wrong.

As the weekend unfolds Lady Margo, and her trusted servant and chauffer, Jones, find a house full of secrets and lies. From the elite guests upstairs to the lowest estate worker, no-one is as they seem and none can be trusted.

And through it all, the Daughter of Baal watches with a knowing grin.

Book three of The Law Game is full of secrets, missteps, and murder.
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Genre Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Pub Date
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955337193e

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