Wendy of the Wallops - eBook

Wendy of the Wallops

In the second cosy romance from The Wallops, there are worrying times ahead for community police officer Wendy Goodall. She is seconded by sexy Detective Inspector Diya Patel to work on a witness protection plan in the Wallops. Flushed with her new gayness, Wendy also has a mad crush on the adorable, yet reclusive Dr. Lea James. And could wily Girl Guide leader, Kiera Minsk be connected with the human traffickers working along the south coast?

As if life wasn’t crazy enough, her twin brother Will announces that their birth mother wants to make contact!

The Wallops Series Book 2.
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Genre Romance
Pub Date
# Pages 246 pages
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955337728e

Customer Reviews

Wendy of the Wallpos
Bonnie S
"Wendy of the Wallops" is the follow up to her great read "Welcome to the Wallops". The author brings us up to date with what's been happening with Jane and Renata (never a dull moment) while reintroducing us to local village cop Wendy. Wendy feels like she should move on, perhaps join a larger police department where there surely must be something more interesting then riding her bike (yes I said bike) checking on the doings of the small community where she has lived all her life. A big plus would be a better chance at meeting a woman. Did I mention she is just coming to terms with being a lesbian? She's looking for a relationship like her friends Jane and Renata enjoy. Just when she has give up on ever having the life she wants along comes a case that gives her the opportunity to show her superiors just how good she can be. Also meeting new people (women) suddenly makes staying in the Wallops very attractive.A great read. I'm hoping there will be another book about the "Wallops" because I've come to really like the characters. This book is a stand alone book but to really enjoy you should read the first "Wallops" book.You won't be disappointed.
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