Bingo Barge Murder - eBook

Bingo Barge Murder

Shay O'Hanlon is the co-owner of the hip, quirky Rabbit Hole, a popular coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis. Police detective JT Bordeaux shows up at the Hole in search of Shay's best friend, Coop - a chain-smoking, vegetarian tree hugger - who's wanted for questioning in connection with the bludgeoning death of his less-than-respectable boss, Stanley "Kinky" Anderson. Coop's prints are all over the murder weapon - an over-sized, bronzed bingo marker - and the cops have themselves a prime suspect. Suddenly, Shay's quiet but highly caffeinated world spins out of control faster than a ride on a fairground Tilt-A-Whirl as she tries to save her friend.

Complicating matters are a couple of bumbling mobsters, a missing truckload of stolen nuts, an abused mutt named Dawg, a kidnapping or two, and a very persistent Detective Bordeaux.

Will Shay and her quirky friends succeed in their quest to clear Coop and nail the murderer or will their nutty caper wind up deadly?​

Book 1 in the Shay O'Hanlon Caper series
Second edition
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Price: $7.99

Genre Mystery, Thriller
Pub Date
# Pages 240 pages
Publisher Train Wreck XPress
ISBN 9871633048003e
Editor TreeHouse Studio


Rainbow Book Reviews

The story moves on at a fast pace, but it’s easy to keep up. Suspects come and go, and a multitude of dangerous, and sometimes hilarious, situations keep Shay, Coop, and Eddy on their toes. Chandler’s writing style is delightfully easy to read–the action scenes are described with just the right amount of detail, the dialogue between the characters is snappy, and the more emotional episodes are handled with sensitivity. It’s a fantastic mix, and I couldn’t put it down. Bring on episode two!

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