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Browse our selection of lesbian books & eBooks by genre that include Romance, Fantasy, Erotica and many more.

Romance Titles

Fire Dancer

Micheala Lynn
True Colors

Yolanda Wallace
The Bee Charmer

Ali Spooner
Snowbird Season

BJ Phillips

Action / Adventure

House of Fate

Barbara Ann Wright
Carved in Ice

Sheryl Wright

Catherine Friend
The Organization

Annette Mori and Erin O'Reilly
Refraction Series

Angela Koenig

Mystery / Suspense / Intrigue Titles

Inner Circle

Claire McNab

Carsen Taite
Tears Don't Become Me

Sharon G. Clark

Jessica L. Webb
Body Guard

Claire McNab

Historical Fiction

Fantasy / Speculative Titles

Young Adult / New Adult


G Benson
Nico & Tucker

Rachel Gold
18 Months

Samantha Boyette
Training Ground

Kate Christie

General Fiction Titles

Eating Life

Beth Burnett
Rainbow Gap

Lee Lynch
Cash Braddock

Ashley Bartlett
Roberta's Fire

Kelly Sinclair

Short Story Anthologies

Erotica Titles

Poetry Titles

Becoming Me

Shelia Powell

Nat Burns
I.V. Poems

Lucy J. Madison

Non Fiction Titles

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