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Just Girls

Rachel Gold
Just Jorie

Robin Alexander
Just Like That

Karin Kallmaker
Just My Luck

Andrea Bramhall
Just Say Yes

Kris Bryant
Just This Once

KG MacGregor
Just Three Words

Melissa Brayden
Kali Connection

Claudia McKay

Susan X Meagher
Keep Hold

Michelle Grubb
Keeping Faith

TJ Vertigo
Keeping Time

Emily Smith
Keile's Chance

Dillon Watson
Kicker's Journey

Lois Cloarec Hart
Killed in Escrow

Jennifer L. Jordan
A Killing Kindness

Barbara Treat Williams
Killing at the Cat

Carlene Miller
Kindred Spirits

Julia Watts
King Louie eStory

Jackie Calhoun
A Kingdom Lost

Barbara Ann Wright
A Kiss Doesn't Lie

Robin Alexander
Kiss of Noir

Clara Nipper
The Kiss That Counted

Karin Kallmaker
Kiss the Girl

Melissa Brayden
Kiss the Rain

Larkin Rose
L.A. Metro

RJ Nolan
The Labrys Reunion

Terry Wolverton
Lady Dragon

D Jordan Redhawk
Lady God

Lesa Luders
Lady in Waiting eStory

Barbara Johnson
Lady Knight

L-J Baker

Andrea Bramhall
Lake Effect Snow

C.P. Rowlands
A Lamentation of Swans

Valerie Bronwen
Lands End

Jackie D

Diane Marina
Last Call

Baxter Clare
Last Call eStory

Karin Kallmaker
Last Salute

Tracey Richardson
The Last Time eStory

Catherine Ennis
The Last Train Home

Blayne Cooper

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