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At All Costs

Micheala Lynn
At Her Feet

Rebekah Weatherspoon
At Seventeen

Gerri Hill
Autumn Spring

Shelley Thrasher
Awake Unto Me

Kathleen Knowles
The Awakening

Yvonne Heidt

Jackie Calhoun

Susan X Meagher
Baby It's Cold

Jaye Maiman
Back Swing

Jeanine Hoffman
Back Talk

Saxon Bennett
Back to Blue

Dillon Watson
Back to Salem

Alex Marcoux

Teresa Stores
Backstage Pass

Riley Scott
Bad Company

Sarah Dreher
Bailey's Run

Ali Spooner
Ban Talah

A.L. Duncan

S.L. Kassidy
Banshee's Honor

Shaylynn Rose
Banshee's Vengeance

Shaylynn Rose

D. Jackson Leigh
Battle Axe

Carsen Taite
Battle For Tristaine

Cate Culpepper
Battle Scars

Meghan O'Brien
The Beach Affair

Barbara Johnson
Beach Town

Ann Roberts
Beacon of Love

Ann Roberts
Beautiful Game

Kate Christie
Because of You

Julie Cannon
Becka's Song

Frankie J. Jones
Becoming Me

Shelia Powell
Becoming You

Michelle Grubb

KE Payne
Before I Died

Sara Marx
Before the Dawn

Kate Sweeney
Beginning of the End

Alane Hotchkin

Susan X Meagher

L.T. Smith
Being Emily

Rachel Gold
Believing in Blue

Maggie Morton

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