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Venus Reising
Sacred Fire

Tanai Walker
The Sacred Shore

Jennifer Fulton
Saddled with Murder

Barbara Treat Williams
Safe Harbor

A Safe Place to Sleep

Jennifer L. Jordan
Salt Rock Mysteries

Magdalena Zschokke

I. Beacham
Same Socks Marriage

Dani O'Connor

I. Beacham
The Sanguire Series

D Jordan Redhawk
Sarah, Son of God

Justine Saracen
Saving Grace

Jennifer Fulton
Saving Morgan

MB Panichi

Amy Dawson Robertson
Scaredy Cat

Robin Alexander
Scarlet Masquerade

Isabella writing as Jett Abbott
Scarlet Revenge

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Scarlet Thirst

Crin Claxton
Scarred for Life

S. L. Kassidy
Scissor Link

Georgette Kaplan
The Scorpion

Gerri Hill
Sculpting Anna

Venus Reising
Scythian Fields

A.L. Duncan
Sea Fog

Joanne Dahme
Sea Glass Inn

Karis Walsh
The Sea Hawk

Brenda Adcock
Sea Legs

KG MacGregor
Sea of Grass

Kate Sweeney
Searching for Celia

Elizabeth Ridley
Season of the Cold Moon

Dianne C. Stewart
Season of the Wolf

Robin Summers
Second Chances

Lynne Norris
The Second Sister

Rae D. Magdon
Second to None

L.T. Marie
The Second Wave

Jean Copeland
Secret City

Julia Watts
Secret Hearts

Secret Lies

Amy Dunne
A Secret to Tell

Ann Roberts
The Secret Unknown

Dillon Watson
Secrets So Deep

KG MacGregor