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Bell, Book & Dyke

Kallmaker, Johnson, Szymanski & Watts
Beloved Gomorrah

Justine Saracen
Beloved Lady Mistress

D Jordan Redhawk

Blythe Rippon

Diane Salvatore
The Best Defense

Carsen Taite
Best Lesbian Erotica

Rachel Windsor
Better Off Red

Rebekah Weatherspoon
Betting on Love

Alyssa Linn Palmer
Between the Lines

Bobbi Marolt
Beverly Malibu

Katherine V. Forrest
Beyond Always

Carrie Carr
Beyond and Begone

Lois Cloarec Hart
Beyond Innocence

Carsen Taite
Beyond the Garden

S.Y. Thompson
Beyond the Screen Door

Julia Diana Robertson
Big Noise

Jen Wright
Bingo Barge Murder

Jessie Chandler

Missouri Vaun
Bitter Fruit

Lois Cloarec Hart
Bitter Heart

Mary Griggs
Bitter Root

Laydin Michaels
The Black Panties

Monica Mansfield

Shea Godfrey
Bleeding Out

Baxter Clare
Blind Bet

Tracey Richardson
Blind Curves

Diane & Jacob Anderson-Minshall
Blind Faith

Diane & Jacob Anderson-Minshall
Blind Justice

K.A. Kron & Brenda L. Leffler
Blind Leap

Diane & Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Kim Pritekel

Karis Walsh
Blood Hunt

Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand
Blood Legacy

Sheryl Wright
Blood Money Murder

Jessie Chandler
Bloody Claws

Winter Pennington
Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica

Pat Cronin & Verda Foster, editors
The Blue Feather

Karen D. Badger
Blue Hydrangeas

JJ Wallingford
Blue Skies

Ali Vali
Blurred Lines

KD Williamson
Body Guard

Claire McNab
Body Language

Kenna White
Bold Coast Love

Diana Tremain Braund

Terri Breneman

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