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Talk Show

Melissa Hartman
Tall in the Saddle

Kallmaker, Johnson, Szymanski & Watts
Tangled Mark

Becky Harmon
The Target

Gerri Hill
Tarnished Gold

Ann Aptaker

Kris Bryant
Tea Leaves

Janet Mason
The Tea Machine

Gill McKnight
Tears Don't Become Me

Sharon G. Clark
Tempus Fugit

Mavis Applewater
Ten Little Lesbians

Kate McLachlan

Rae D. Magdon
Terminal Event

Ali Spooner
The Termination

Annette Mori
There Will Be No Goodbyes

Laura DeHart Young
These Dreams

Verda Foster
These Two Hearts

Kenna White
Thief of Always

Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou
Thin Fire

Nanci Little
Thirteen Hours

Meghan O'Brien
This London Love

Clare Lydon
Those Who Wait

Peggy J. Herring
Three Days

L.T. Marie
Three's a Crowd eStory

Barbara Johnson
The Three

Meghan O'Brien
Thy Neighbor's Wife

Georgia Beers
The Tides of Passion

Diana Tremain Braund
The Ties that Bind

Andi Marquette
Till There Was You

S. Ann Gardner

Eva Indigo
Time and Time Again

Catherine Ennis
The Time Before Now

Missouri Vaun
Time for Love

Rrrose Carbinela

Rachel Spangler