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The Courage to Try

C.A. Popovich
Courageous Love

KC Richardson

Celia Cohen

Carsen Taite
Cowgirl Up

Ali Spooner
Coyote Sky

Gerri Hill
Crash Stop

Mary Griggs
Crazy for Loving

Jaye Maiman
The Creamsickle

Rhiannon Argo
Credit Worthy

Jeanine Hoffman
Criminal Gold

Ann Aptaker
Crimson Vengeance

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Cross Purposes

Gina L. Dartt

Meredith Doench
Crossing Lines

KD Williamson

The Crown of Valencia

Catherine Friend
The Crush

Susan X Meagher
Cry Havoc

Baxter Clare
Curious Wine

Katherine V. Forrest

H. Rachelle Graham
Cut to the Chase

Lisa Girolami

Jenny Frame
Dare to Stay

Georgia Beers
Dark Dreamer

Jennifer Fulton
Dark Garden

Jennifer Fulton
Dark Horizons

Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly
Dark Horse

A.L. Brooks
A Dark Horse

Blayne Cooper
Dark Valentine

Jennifer Fulton
Darkness Embraced

Winter Pennington

D Jordan Redhawk
Daughter of Baal

Gill McKnight
Daughter of Mystery

Heather Rose Jones
Daughters of a Coral Dawn

Katherine V. Forrest
Daughters of an Amber Noon

Katherine V. Forrest
Daughters of an Emerald Dusk

Katherine V. Forrest
The Daughters of Artemis

Douglas, Lauren Wright
Dawn of Change

Gerri Hill
The Dawning

Karin Kallmaker
Day of the Dead

Andi Marquette
Day of the Dead

Victoria A. Brownworth
Day Stripper

Jenny Scholten
Dead Certain

Claire McNab
The Deadening

Yvonne Heidt