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The Diplomat

Sophia French
Dirty Money

Ashley Bartlett
Dirty Power

Ashley Bartlett
Dirty Sex

Ashley Bartlett

Susan X Meagher
Disorderly Attachments

Jennifer L. Jordan
Dispatch to Death

Martha Miller
Distant Thunder

Peggy J. Herring

Gordon, Josie
Do Not Disturb

Carsen Taite
Does She Love You?

Rachel Spangler
Don't Forget

AJ Adaire
Don't Let Go

Sheryl Wright
Don't Tell

K.A. Kron
Double Bluff

Claire McNab

Susan X Meagher
Down to the Bone

Mayra Lazara Dole
Dragon Horse War

D. Jackson Leigh
The Dragon Witch Tales

Shannon M. Harris
Dreaming of Her

Maggie Morton
Dreams of Bali

C.J. Harte

Lisa R. Nelson
Drive All Night

Jamie Anderson
Driving Lessons

Annameekee Hesik
Driving Me Mad

L.T. Smith
Dying to Live

Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou
Dykes in Space eStory

Peggy J. Herring
Dynasty of Rogues

Jane Fletcher
Dyre: By Moon's Light

Rachel E. Bailey
Earth Angel

Siri Caldwell
Eating Life

Beth Burnett
Echo Point

Virginia Hale
Edge of Awareness

C.A. Popovich
Editing Life

Sandy Dugger
Elena Undone

Nicole Conn

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