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Forsaking All Others

Kathleen Knowles
Fortunate Sum

M. Ullrich

Alane Hotchkin
Forty Love

Diana Simmonds
Four Steps

Wendy Hudson
Fractured Futures

S.Y. Thompson

Eve Francis
Fragile Wings

Rebecca S. Buck
Fragmentary Blue

Erica Abbott
Free Spirits

Julia Watts
Freedom Rides

Freedom to Love

Ronica Black
The French Way

Mary Wright
Fresh Start

Nita Round
Fresh Tracks

Georgia Beers
Freya's Tears

D Jordan Redhawk
From Third to Home

Chris Paynter
From this Moment On

PJ Trebelhorn
From Top to Bottom

Harper Bliss (ed)
From Where We Sit

Victoria A. Brownworth (ed)
Frosting on the Cake

Karin Kallmaker
Fugitives of Love

Lisa Girolami
Full Circle

Dillon Watson
Fully Involved

Erin Dutton
Fury's Bridge

Brey Willows
Future Promises

Sandy Dugger

Lea Daley
The Game of Denial

Brenda Adcock
Game Time

Kate Christie
The Gemini Deception

Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou
Genuine Gold

Ann Aptaker

Susan X Meagher
Getting Back

Kelly Sinclair
Getting Lost

Michelle Grubb
Ghost Trio

Lillian Q. Irwin
Ghosts of Winter

Rebecca S. Buck
Gift of Time

Robin Alexander
The Gift (YLVA)

Catherine Lane
The Gift

Verda Foster

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