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Call Me Softly

D. Jackson Leigh
The Call of the Dark

Therese Szymanski (ed)
Call Shotgun

Jaime Clevenger

LaShonda Barnett
Calm Before the Storm

Peggy J. Herring
Camp Rewind

Meghan O'Brien
The Campaign

Tracey Richardson
The Candidate

Tracey Richardson
Canvas for Love

Charlotte Greene
The Caphenon

Fletcher DeLancey

Julie Cannon
Captain of Industry

Karin Kallmaker

Annette Mori
Captive Heart

Frankie J. Jones
A Captive in Time

Sarah Dreher
Car Pool

Karin Kallmaker
The Caretaker's Daughter

Gabrielle Goldsby
Carved in Ice

Sheryl Wright
Casa Parisi

Janet Albert
Cash Braddock

Ashley Bartlett
Cast Me Gently

Caren J. Werlinger
Cat Burglar eStory

Lauren Wright Douglas

Fletcher DeLancey
Catch to Release

Lacey Schmidt
Caught in the Net

Jessica Thomas
The Chameleon's Tale

Andrea Bramhall
The Chameleon

Brenda Adcock

Grace Lennox
A Change of Heart

Jane DiLucchio

Jove Belle

Paulette Callen
Charm City

Mason Dixon
The Chase

Jesse J. Thoma
Chasing Love

Ronica Black

Mavis Applewater
Chef's Special

Susan X Meagher
Cherry Grove

Susan X Meagher
The Choice

Maria V. Ciletti

Nancy Toder

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