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The Game of Denial

Brenda Adcock
Game Time

Kate Christie
The Gemini Deception

Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou
Genuine Gold

Ann Aptaker

Susan X Meagher
Getting Back

Kelly Sinclair
Getting Lost

Michelle Grubb
Getting Serious

Rachel Spangler
Ghost Trio

Lillian Q. Irwin
Ghosts of Winter

Rebecca S. Buck
Gift of Time

Robin Alexander
The Gift (YLVA)

Catherine Lane
The Gift

Verda Foster
Girl Meets Girl

Susan X Meagher
Girl Talk eStory

Julia Watts
Girls in Love

Laila Blake
Girls Will Be Girls

Lucy Felthouse
Girls with Guns

Michelle Grubb, Carsen Taite and Ali Vali
Glass Lions

JD Glass
Gloria's Inn

Robin Alexander
Gloria's Legacy

Robin Alexander
Gloria's Secret

Robin Alexander
Going Coastal

Jane DiLucchio

Hilary McCollum
Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica,The

Golden Age of Lesbian Erotica, The

Gill McKnight

Kris Dresen
Good Enough to Eat

Jae & Alison Grey
Good Water

Kayt Peck

Nat Burns
A Grand Plan

Ann Roberts
The Grass Widow

Nanci Little
Grassy Flats

Penny Hayes
Grave Silence

Rose Beecham

Juliann Rich
Green-Eyed Monster

Gill McKnight
The Ground Beneath

Missouri Vaun

A.E. Radley
Growing Up Delicious

Marianne Banks
A Guarded Heart

Jennifer Fulton
Gulf Breeze

Gerri Hill
Gull That Lost the Sea, The

Claude Clayton Smith
Gun Shy

Lori L. Lake

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