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Fugitive's Kiss, A - Paperback
A Fugitive's Kiss

Jaime Clevenger
September 2017
Illegal Contact - Paperback
Illegal Contact

Becky Harmon
September 2017
Time to Speak, A  - Paperback
A Time to Speak

Riley Scott
September 2017
Vagabond Heart - Paperback
Vagabond Heart

Ann Roberts
October 2017
Bait and Switch - Paperback
Bait and Switch

Blythe H. Warren
October 2017
Turbulence - Paperback

E. J. Noyes
October 2017
Secret Pond, The - Paperback
The Secret Pond

Gerri Hill
November 2017
My Forever Hero - Paperback
My Forever Hero

Karen Legasy
November 2017
Schuyler House, The - Paperback
The Schuyler House

Cade Haddock Strong
November 2017
Dreams Unspoken - Paperback
Dreams Unspoken

RJ Layer
December 2017
Lethal Care - Paperback
Lethal Care

Claire McNab with Katherine V. Forrest
December 2017
Heartsick - Paperback

Tracey Richardson
December 2017
My Lady Lipstick - Paperback
My Lady Lipstick

Karin Kallmaker
January 2018
Locket, The - Paperback
The Locket

Gerri Hill
March 2018

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