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Browse our selection of lesbian fantasy & speculative books and eBooks including titles from author's like Heather Rose Jones, D Jordan Redhawk, MB Panichi and many more.

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100th Generation

Justine Saracen
1140 Rue Royale

Karen D. Badger
78 Keys

Kristin Marra

Gun Brooke
After Shadow

Kim Pritekel
After the Fall

Robin Summers
All Good Children

Dayna Ingram
All Things Rise

Missouri Vaun
Alpennia Series Bundle

Heather Rose Jones

Gill McKnight

Mak Long
Ancestral Magic

Moondancer Drake
The Awakening

Yvonne Heidt
Back to Salem

Alex Marcoux
Banshee's Honor

Shaylynn Rose
Banshee's Vengeance

Shaylynn Rose
Battle For Tristaine

Cate Culpepper
Before the Dawn

Kate Sweeney
Believing in Blue

Maggie Morton
Bell, Book & Dyke

Kallmaker, Johnson, Szymanski & Watts
Beloved Gomorrah

Justine Saracen
Beloved Lady Mistress

D Jordan Redhawk
Better Off Red

Rebekah Weatherspoon
Beyond the Screen Door

Julia Diana Robertson

Missouri Vaun
Bitter Heart

Mary Griggs

Shea Godfrey
Blood Hunt

Radclyffe writing as L.L. Raand
Bloody Claws

Winter Pennington
The Blue Feather

Karen D. Badger

Ali Spooner
Burgundy Betrayal

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Burn All Alike

Nene Adams
By the Dark of Her Eyes

Cameron MacElvee
The Call of the Dark

Therese Szymanski (ed)
The Caphenon

Fletcher DeLancey

Fletcher DeLancey
The Chosen

Verda Foster

Karin Kallmaker
City of Strangers

Diana Rivers
The Clinic

Cate Culpepper

Cleo Dare

Barbara Ann Wright
The Coming of the Mojo

Barbara Treat Williams
The Coral Dawn Trilogy

Katherine V. Forrest

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