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Accidental Rebels

Kelly Sinclair

Maytee Aspuro y Gonzalez

Jaime Maddox

J.E. Knowles
Awake Unto Me

Kathleen Knowles

Teresa Stores

Diane Salvatore
Burning Dreams

Susan Smith

LaShonda Barnett
Cash Braddock

Ashley Bartlett

Paulette Callen
Circles of Power

B Summerhawk
The Creamsickle

Rhiannon Argo
Dear Violet

N. Sigafoos
Dian's Ghost

Justine Saracen
Different Dress

Lori L. Lake
Eating Life

Beth Burnett

Maytee Aspuro y Gonzalez
Eyes of Gray

Dani O'Connor

Alex Marcoux

Sheila Ortiz-Taylor
First Tango in Paris

Shelley Thrasher
Flight From Chador

Sigrid Brunel
Ghosts of Winter

Rebecca S. Buck
Growing Up Delicious

Marianne Banks

Maytee Aspuro y Gonzalez
Homestead (Spinsters Ink)

Sheila Ortiz-Taylor
House of Clouds

KI Thompson
In this Small Spot

Caren J. Werlinger
Into the Mist

Sharon G. Clark
Jane's World

Paige Braddock
Kali Connection

Claudia McKay
A Killing Kindness

Barbara Treat Williams
The Labrys Reunion

Terry Wolverton
Lady God

Lesa Luders
Leave of Absence

S. Renee Bess
Lemon Reef

Robin Silverman

Jorjet Harper
Let the Lover Be

Sheree L. Greer
Life in Death

M. Ullrich

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