Affinity eBook Press

Bee Charmer, The - eBook
The Bee Charmer

Ali Spooner
Organization, The - eBook
The Organization

Annette Mori and Erin O'Reilly
Faith in Rayne - eBook
Faith in Rayne

Dannie Marsden
Refraction Series - eBook
Refraction Series

Angela Koenig
23 Miles - eBook
23 Miles

Renee MacKenzie
Affair of Love, An - eBook
An Affair of Love

S. Anne Gardner
Anywhere, Everywhere - eBook
Anywhere, Everywhere

Renee MacKenzie
Arc Over Time - eBook
Arc Over Time

Jen Silver
Asset Management - eBook
Asset Management

Annette Mori
Bailey's Run - eBook
Bailey's Run

Ali Spooner
Beginning of the End - eBook
Beginning of the End

Alane Hotchkin
Bound - eBook

Ali Spooner
Captivated - eBook

Annette Mori
Catch to Release - eBook
Catch to Release

Lacey Schmidt
Circus - eBook

JM Dragon
Confined Spaces - eBook
Confined Spaces

Renee MacKenzie
Cowgirl Up - eBook
Cowgirl Up

Ali Spooner
Denial - eBook

Jackie Kennedy
Desert Blooms - eBook
Desert Blooms

Dannie Marsden
Devil's Tree, The - eBook
The Devil's Tree

Ali Spooner
Finding Her Way - eBook
Finding Her Way

Riley Jefferson
Flight - eBook

Renee MacKenzie
Fortunes - eBook

Alane Hotchkin
Her - eBook

Lisa Ron
If I Were A Boy - eBook
If I Were A Boy

Erin O'Reilly
In Name Only - eBook
In Name Only

JM Dragon
Keeping Faith - eBook
Keeping Faith

TJ Vertigo
Line of Sight - eBook
Line of Sight

Ali Spooner
Locked Inside - eBook
Locked Inside

Annette Mori
Love's Playlist - eBook
Love's Playlist

Ali Spooner
Loving Again - eBook
Loving Again

Alicia Joseph
Malodorous - eBook

Del Robertson
McKee - eBook

AC Henley
My Everything - eBook
My Everything

Alane Hotchkin
Neptune's Ring - eBook
Neptune's Ring

Ali Spooner
Nesting - eBook

Renee MacKenzie
Next Time - eBook
Next Time

Erin O'Reilly
Once Upon a Time - eBook
Once Upon a Time

Alane Hotchkin
One, The - eBook
The One

JM Dragon
Open Your Heart - eBook
Open Your Heart

Ali Spooner
Out of Retirement - eBook
Out of Retirement

Erica Lawson
Pausing - eBook

Renee MacKenzie
Possessing Morgan - eBook
Possessing Morgan

Erica Lawson
Presence, The - eBook
The Presence

Charlene Neil
Private Dancer - eBook
Private Dancer

TJ Vertigo
Promise, The - eBook
The Promise

JM Dragon
Rapture - eBook

AC Henley & Fran Heckrotte
Ready for Love - eBook
Ready for Love

Erin O'Reilly
Reece's Faith - eBook
Reece's Faith

TJ Vertigo
Reece's Star - eBook
Reece's Star

TJ Vertigo
Reflected Passion - eBook
Reflected Passion

Erica Lawson
Requiem for Vukovar - eBook
Requiem for Vukovar

Angela Koenig
Return to Me - eBook
Return to Me

Erin O'Reilly
Review, The - eBook
The Review

Annette Mori
Settlement, The - eBook
The Settlement

Ali Spooner
Soulwalker - eBook

Erica Lawson
South of Heaven - eBook
South of Heaven

Ali Spooner
Starting Over - eBook
Starting Over

Jen Silver
Take Me As I Am - eBook
Take Me As I Am

JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly
Terminal Event - eBook
Terminal Event

Ali Spooner
Termination, The - eBook
The Termination

Annette Mori
Till There Was You - eBook
Till There Was You

S. Ann Gardner
Twisted Lives - eBook
Twisted Lives

Ali Spooner
Venus Rising - eBook
Venus Rising

Ali Spooner
Walk Away, A - eBook
A Walk Away

Lacey Schmidt

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