YLVA Publishing

Shattered - eBook

Lee Winter
Shadow Haven - eBook
Shadow Haven

AJ Schippers
Pieces - eBook

G Benson
Above the Tree Line - eBook
Above the Tree Line

Lois Cloarec Hart
Across the Pond - eBook
Across the Pond

Cheri Crystal
Affair, The - eBook
The Affair

Cori Kane
All You Can Eat - eBook
All You Can Eat

R.G. Emanuelle Andi Marquette (eds)
Banshee's Honor - eBook
Banshee's Honor

Shaylynn Rose
Banshee's Vengeance - eBook
Banshee's Vengeance

Shaylynn Rose
Beginnings - eBook

L.T. Smith
Benched - eBook

Blythe Rippon
Beyond and Begone - eBook
Beyond and Begone

Lois Cloarec Hart
Bitter Fruit - eBook
Bitter Fruit

Lois Cloarec Hart
Blurred Lines - eBook
Blurred Lines

KD Williamson
Broken Faith - eBook
Broken Faith

Lois Cloarec Hart
Caphenon, The - eBook
The Caphenon

Fletcher DeLancey
Cast Me Gently - eBook
Cast Me Gently

Caren J. Werlinger
Catalyst - eBook

Fletcher DeLancey
Charity - eBook

Paulette Callen
Club, The - eBook
The Club

A.L. Brooks
Collide-O-Scope - eBook

Andrea Bramhall
Coming Home - eBook
Coming Home

Lois Cloarec Hart
Connected Hearts - eBook
Connected Hearts

Jae, RJ Nolan & Joan Arling
Crossing Lines - eBook
Crossing Lines

KD Williamson
Dark Horse (Ylva) - eBook
Dark Horse

A.L. Brooks
Daughter of Baal - eBook
Daughter of Baal

Gill McKnight
Defensive Mindset - eBook
Defensive Mindset

Wendy Temple
Driving Me Mad - eBook
Driving Me Mad

L.T. Smith
Ex-Wives of Dracula - eBook
Ex-Wives of Dracula

Georgette Kaplan
Fenced In Felix - eBook
Fenced In Felix

Cheyenne Blue
Fervent Charity - eBook
Fervent Charity

Paulette Callen
Finding Ms. Write - eBook
Finding Ms. Write

Jae & Jove Belle
First Blood - eBook
First Blood

JD Glass
Flight SQA016 - eBook
Flight SQA016

A.E. Radley
Flinging It - eBook
Flinging It

G Benson
Forget Me Not - eBook
Forget Me Not

L.T. Smith
Four Steps - eBook
Four Steps

Wendy Hudson
Fragile - eBook

Eve Francis
Gift, The (YLVA) - eBook
The Gift (YLVA)

Catherine Lane
Glass Lions - eBook
Glass Lions

JD Glass
Good Enough to Eat - eBook
Good Enough to Eat

Jae & Alison Grey
Grounded - eBook

A.E. Radley
Heart's Surrender - eBook
Heart's Surrender

Emma Weimann
Heartwood - eBook

Catherine Lane
Here's the Thing - eBook
Here's the Thing

Emily O'Beirne
Hold My Hand - eBook
Hold My Hand

AC Oswald
Hot Line - eBook
Hot Line

Alison Grey
If Looks Could Kill - eBook
If Looks Could Kill

Andi Marquette
Just My Luck - eBook
Just My Luck

Andrea Bramhall
Kicker's Journey - eBook
Kicker's Journey

Lois Cloarec Hart
L.A. Metro - eBook
L.A. Metro

RJ Nolan
Landslide - eBook

Diane Marina
Lavender List, The - eBook
The Lavender List

Meg Harrington
Law Game, The - Paperback
The Law Game

Jessie Chandler, Gill McKnight, Jove Belle
Mac vs. PC - eBook
Mac vs. PC

Fletcher DeLancey
Mama Knows - eBook
Mama Knows

Cheri Crystal
Never-Tied Nora - eBook
Never-Tied Nora

Cheyenne Blue
Not So Straight Sue - eBook
Not So Straight Sue

Cheyenne Blue
Once - eBook

L.T. Smith
Order Up - eBook
Order Up

R.G. Emanuelle & Andi Marquette
Points of Departure - eBook
Points of Departure

Emily O'Beirne
Popcorn Love - eBook
Popcorn Love

KL Hughes
Puppy Love - eBook
Puppy Love

L.T. Smith
Red Files, The - eBook
The Red Files

Lee Winter
Red Light - eBook
Red Light

JD Glass
Rescue Me - eBook
Rescue Me (Ylva Publishing)

Michelle L. Teichman
Return, The - eBook
The Return

Ana Matics
Rich Girl - eBook
Rich Girl

Joan Arling
Scissor Link - eBook
Scissor Link

Georgette Kaplan
Set Piece, The - eBook
The Set Piece

Catherine Lane
Space Between, The - eBook
The Space Between

Michelle L. Teichman
Spread the Love - eBook
Spread the Love

Fletcher DeLancey, Lois Cloarec Hart, Erzabet Bishop, Sandra Barret
Still Life - eBook
Still Life

L.T. Smith
Stone Gardens - eBook
Stone Gardens

Lois Cloarec Hart
Story of Now, A - eBook
A Story of Now

Emily O'Beirne
Stowe Away - eBook
Stowe Away

Blythe Rippon
Tea Machine, The - eBook
The Tea Machine

Gill McKnight
Times of Our Lives - eBook
Times of Our Lives

Jane Waterton
Tread Lightly - eBook
Tread Lightly

Catherine Lane
Turning for Home - eBook
Turning for Home

Caren J. Werlinger
Under Parr - eBook
Under Parr

Andrea Bramhall
Unstilled Voices - eBook
Unstilled Voices

Lois Cloarec Hart
Unwrap these Presents - eBook
Unwrap these Presents

Astrid Ohletz & R.G. Emanuelle (Ed.)
Vellmar the Blade - eBook
Vellmar the Blade

Fletcher DeLancey
Walking the Labyrinth - eBook
Walking the Labyrinth

Lois Cloarec Hart
Wicked Things - eBook
Wicked Things

Jae & Astrid Ohletz (eds)
Yak - eBook

Lois Cloarec Hart
You're Fired - eBook
You're Fired

Shaya Crabtree

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