“An emotional and rollercoaster ride”, “I was enthralled from the first, “Hard to put down” the reviews of #BellaBooks are in and they sure have us blushing!

Reviews of Bella Books are in—what can we say? Reviewers love our books! From our romances to mysteries, to adventures our books are making reviewers so happy we can’t help but say “Stop you are making us blush” But don’t take our word for it, read on to hear directly from them…

Some of our reviews

Over the Moon with You by Jaime Clevenger gets some early raves! Queer A Reviews at Netgalley says. “This is probably my new favourite book by Jaime Clevenger. The characters were refreshingly real, and it showed through their actions and dialogue.” Abbott Ford at Netgalley gives is a 5 out of 5 and says: “If you like well-written books with characters you’ll be sorry to say goodbye to at the end of the story, then this book is for you.” D Booker at Netgalley says: “This was a wonderful weekend read that had plenty of romance, humor, steam and a low angst HEA that made my day.” Librarian Kaye Cox at Netgalley also gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “Jamie Clevenger continues to surprise me with consistently good storytelling.”

Mailboat by Cade Haddock Strong is also getting some early attention. Abbott Ford at Netgalley says: “The author is a skillful writer who knows how to bring readers into her story and hold them enthralled from the first page to the last.”

Can I Trust her by Frances Lucas is also getting some early raves: Brady Rae at Netgalley says: “I found this to be a thrill ride! I love the background of Katie and Virginia and the awkwardness of their past relationship!” At Netgalley Rubie Clark says: “I did feel like the pacing was perfectly executed.
Virginia and Katie, plus the “side” characters were so fun and realistic! I really enjoy YA mysteries like this one here. It kept me guessing. Kept me glued to my Kindle. And me not wanting this story to end so soon.

If I Don’t Ask by E. J. Noyes is continues to get raves. Jamie Hunsaker at Netgalley “The emotions in this book are wonderful. All of the angst you could want is still just as present as it was in the first book. All of the love too. This book is an absolute read if you loved the Ask Tell series, or if you love lesbian fiction. I had a blast with it.” While Deb M at Netgalley says: “If I Don’t Ask, the latest book in the Ask, Tell series, is absolutely fantastic. Noyes wraps up the final book of the series brilliantly, ending almost where she began.”

Take your Shot a new YA by Riley Scott is continues to get attention. Ishita Paul over at Netgalley says: “I liked the fact that the whole story carries a sense of subtly in it, there’s almost nothing dramatic going on unlike the cliche ya books/movies. I liked nearly all the characters. It’s simply just a fluffy sweet ya romance and a fun enjoyable read all together.” And at Netgalley, Loree Sanchez says: “I recommend you read this treasure!”

The Lines of Happiness a debut romance by Venetia Di Pierro continues to wow. Cheryl Shrock at Netgalley says: “It is definitely emotional and a roller coaster ride…but well worth the ride.”

Steadying the Ark a debut legal thriller by Rebecca K. Jones adds to her great reviews. At Netgalley Natalie Tee says: “Steadying the Ark is a fantastic debut – I cannot wait to read more from Rebecca K. Jones in the future.”

We’ll be back with more reviews soon!