April new releases bring romance and mystery

New releases for April have arrived and they’re chock-full of romance and mystery! From two moms searching for a missing teenager to a sexy scientist falling in love, these fun and exciting romances show us the many facets of queer women in love.

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Words Unsaid by KG MacGregor

Anna and Lily have always seen their job as parents to be helping their children reach their potential and achieve their dreams. Twins Eleanor and Georgie are dream children, the former already building apps and the latter climbing the youth tennis rankings. Their eldest child sixteen-year-old Andy is another story. He loves cars, but when Anna decides to sell her network of dealerships, he become unruly. Anna doesn’t know where he gets his stubborn streak and though Lily does, she’s not saying anything. She’s already putting her skills from work, where she’s a family court judge, to use at home. Anna and Lily are sure all the family needs is a good vacation, but when Andy goes missing all their plans are upended.

This new release is Book Five in the award-winning Shaken Series. Don’t miss our 30% off eBooks sale on the first four books in the series! And, make sure to check out MacGregor’s great essay about how she decides to write sequels, or not.

Zero Chill by Carolyn Elizabeth

Corey Curtis and Thayer Reynolds are beyond their turbulent courtship and heading into the holiday season. They can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family, as well as finding some time for just themselves. But, this is Corey’s world and that means cooler weather brings a frozen body–a body she must examine to close out her case. When it’s revealed that the deceased might be connected to Thayer, old wounds are opened and they’re both thrust into turmoil. What they thought their relationship was may have gone up in smoke, but Corey and Thayer’s love will rise from the ashes.

Don’t miss this new release, a sequel to Dirt Nap and Gallows Humor.

Cure for Insomnia by Laina Villeneuve

Karla’s family keeps telling her she spends too much time in the lab. As a dedicated research scientist, though, she knows how important her work is. She has contributed to research on a new drug that can help diabetic patients. She could use some help with her own life, though. Karla can’t sleep. She assumed it would get better when she finished grad school or her post-doc or her clinical trial, but she’s still struggling. Her neice is doing her school science project on insomnia and Karla agrees to participate. When she meets the cute judge of the science fair who has ideas about helping her cure her insomnia, she just might have found someone special. At a crossroads, Karla can’t decide if she should find a new research project or dig deeper into what she’s working on–and she can’t shake the feeling that maybe a science fair project holds the keys to everything she really needs.

This new release is all about how sexy science can be. Don’t miss parts one and two of Villeneuve’s essay series about how she discovered the sexiness of science and wrote Cure for Insomnia. (Part three comes out next week!)

Across the Hall by Kat Jackson

On the heels of divorce, Caitlin has been getting to know herself and keeping love off her mind. She has no interest in dating because all her needs are met. She has a nice new condo all her own, a best friend next door, and a new job she enjoys. When she meets Mallory, though, Caitlin reconsiders swearing off love. This was not on the post-divorce itinerary, but Caitlin can’t deny the spark she feels, ignoring the warnings from others. Caitlin finds herself ready to jump in, but Mallory isn’t on the same page. The chilling vibe she puts off should be enough to turn anyone away, but Caitlin has never been faint of heart.

Don’t miss Jackson’s essay about this new release and how she wrote it over 53 days of quarantine.