Author E. J. Noyes asks you to trust her, she’s got a plan…

Twice a year, I search deep into the recesses of my brain for a new and exciting way to write a blog post about how I had an idea for a book, and so I wrote a book, and here we are together as author and reader upon its release. Most of the time it just ends up as a ramble, which is standard E. J. Noyes at this point, right? But I’m not going to do that this time, though I am thrilled we’re here together for the release of Leverage: Book Two in the Halcyon Division series. And maybe it’ll be a ramble. Probably.

I recognise that when we authors ask our readers to join us on our creative journeys, what we’re also asking-without-asking is for you to trust us. I’ve never actually explicitly asked that of my readers. Until now. Here it is. Please trust me.

This may surprise you, given I make no secret of my status as a diehard pantser, but…I have a plan. And I’m asking you to take my hand—it’s not clammy, I promise—and we can stroll to the end of the Halcyon Division series together. We’ll go through Integrity, now Leverage, and then next year: Book Three, which I had a title for—Fortitude—but after a dream (yes, I know, what the heck?) I’ve decided I might change the title, because again, that is standard E. J. Noyes.

And as we move through each book, please remember: I have a plan.
Leverage is the second book in the three-book Halcyon Division series, and its role, like all books in a series, is to further the plot, and also to set up things for the next book. And even though, as I was deep in the throes of creation, I knew exactly where Leverage needed to go, I spent many hours second-guessing myself. Is it too slow? Is it too long? Do I need to add more? Do I need less? Should I have this happen? Should I not have this happen?

I mean, those sorts of questions are all fairly standard when writing, but they felt amplified this time, which is how I knew I was invested in, and certain about, what I was writing—an amazing self-confidence boost in a world full of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. So, while I ask you to trust me, I’m also asking me to trust me too because I know Leverage is exactly what it needs to be.

I hope you enjoy the second instalment in Lexie and Sophia’s story, and trust, like I do, that it’s the way the story needed to go to get us, and the characters, ready for Book Three in the series—The Book Formerly, but Maybe Still, Known as Fortitude, E J., Please Figure Out the Title: Book Three in the Halcyon Division series.

I also hope you’ll trust me when I say that I really do know exactly where we’re going, but we’ll be taking some scenic side trips along the way. And if you don’t love the view as much as I do and you need to stop for a break, just squeeze my hand and I’ll wait until you’re ready to start the Halcyon Division journey with me again.

publisher’s note: E. J. did figure out the title for the third book in the Halcyon series. It is now called Loyalty.