“A Female James Bond”

Growing up in Chicago, I had friends who were diverse in pretty much every way—race, religion, and sexual orientation. While at the Commission on Human Relations, Chicago’s civil rights department, I worked side by side in harmony and respect with coworkers who were diverse. Though our days were filled with discrimination cases and hate crimes, […]

“I Cannot Imagine That Woman Is Me”

Twenty years ago this note was left for me by a Hungarian who participated in a communications workshop I conducted in Germany: “I am 42 years old, but I cannot imagine that a woman could to learn me something new. You learned me how to have contact with the public. Thank you!” I framed it […]

#bellabooks author Angela Greenman discusses her profound aha moment during GCLS’ “Your Gender Workshop”

There was a conversation in the Season 1 finale of Apple TV+’s terrific show, For All Mankind, that powerfully resonated with me. Astronaut Ellen and her boss and fellow astronaut, Deke, are in space, off course and low on fuel. Deke is seriously injured, and as they drift further into deep space waiting for help […]