Loyalty by E. J. Noyes

E. J. Noyes talks about how her character Lexie Martin is an author’s Dream

When I first decided I was going to write a book about a Not-Spy (who was a Spy in my early plot daydreams), I imagined just putting out one book, dusting my hands off, and moving on with the next project that took my fancy. Until I realised Lexie Martin needed more books and I…planned […]

Author E. J. Noyes asks you to trust her, she’s got a plan…

Twice a year, I search deep into the recesses of my brain for a new and exciting way to write a blog post about how I had an idea for a book, and so I wrote a book, and here we are together as author and reader upon its release. Most of the time it […]

E. J. Noyes talks about The (Not) Spy Books and More…

If this were an essay, I would title it: The (Not) Spy Books And Phugoid Cycles Of Being In Love/Out Of Love With Your Work. When I first started thinking about creating a book with some sort of on-the-run badass female spy intrigue, my only goal was: Have a woman, with another woman, running from […]

#bellabooks author E. J. Noyes talks “about the process of drawing from two books to create a new story.”

In the author’s note for If I Don’t Ask, I mention that this fourth book in the Ask, Tell series is basically all the things I wish I could have put into Ask, Tell—if I’d had a few hundred thousand words to play with, and a better understanding of how to craft a book back […]

E.J. Noyes on her new novel Pas de deux and pony clubs

E.J. Noyes writes about her new novel Pas de deux, pony clubs, and how she met her wife. Pas de deux is a very artistically licensed story about how my wife and I went from being not friends at all when we knew each other as teens in Pony Club, to getting married. I know—what […]