Here Come the Brides by Micheala Lynn

How the sequel to At All Costs Came About…

Author Micheala Lynn tells us how Here Come the Brides, the sequel to At All Costs came about. Even as I was finishing up At All Costs back in 2015, I knew there was going to be more to Alex and Jess’s story. I had this image of the two of them as newlyweds, both […]

Author E. J. Noyes asks you to trust her, she’s got a plan…

Twice a year, I search deep into the recesses of my brain for a new and exciting way to write a blog post about how I had an idea for a book, and so I wrote a book, and here we are together as author and reader upon its release. Most of the time it […]

E. J. Noyes talks about The (Not) Spy Books and More…

If this were an essay, I would title it: The (Not) Spy Books And Phugoid Cycles Of Being In Love/Out Of Love With Your Work. When I first started thinking about creating a book with some sort of on-the-run badass female spy intrigue, my only goal was: Have a woman, with another woman, running from […]

How the movie Clue inspired Bella author E.J. Cochrane

When I was a kid, board games were a giant part of my social life. True, it wasn’t all that social since I pretty much played with my family and no one else, but still, my formative years were built on a foundation of Life, Sorry, Head of the Class and everyone’s favorite, Clue. So, […]

Bella Author Corner Events

If you’ve missed any of our author events over the past months, now is you chance to catch up! We’ve had many riveting evenings with these fine authors, reading from and discussing their latest books. And we find some time to have a little fun too! January, 2023 E. J. Noyes TJ O’Shea Lori G. […]

What We’re Thankful For

​ At Bella Books we have so much to be thankful for this year. We are so thankful for our amazing group of authors (our family) who continue to write their wonderful stories. How lucky are we? We are thankful for our team of editors, proofers, cover designers, typesetters, social media wiz and for the […]

Tribute to Claire and Carol Ashton

Any reader (or writer) of lesbian fiction is missing a gourmet feast if she does not read all seventeen novels in Claire McNab’s Inspector Carol Ashton series. Although the books are best digested in order, from Lessons in Murder to Lethal Care (written with Katherine V. Forrest), each book is a delicious main course in […]

“Mining the treasure trove that is my book’s characters”

Ten Days in May is quickly becoming my personal favorite of all the novels I’ve written for Bella Books, and not just because it’s my newest or because it’s my longest at 91,000 words. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to orphan my other thirteen romance novels…they are all my “children”. But with each book, I […]

“Trail rides lead to writing”

My eighth book, Birds of a Feather is coming out soon, and even though this book is set in Southern California and not centered on equestrians, I have been thinking about riding trails. Back in my twenties, when I was working at a pack station in the High Sierras, I always had the most fun […]

Reviews of Bella Books

“Superb writing”, “Swept Away”, “Great Meet Cute” the reviews of #BellaBooks are in and they sure have us giddy!

Reviews of Bella Books are in—what can we say? Reviewers love our books! From our romances to mysteries, to adventures our books are making reviewers so happy we can’t help but say “Stop you are making us blush” But don’t take our word for it, read on to hear directly from them… Some of our […]