Baxter Brown

  • Absorbed in Silence by Baxter Brown $1.99
  • Cameron's Rules by Baxter Brown $9.99
  • Following Chance by Baxter Brown $9.99
  • The Piano Teacher by Baxter Brown $1.99

Good afternoon, good evening or good night. I personally don’t read romance first thing in the morning. I need the light of the moon to enjoy it, but I do like to write it at the crack of dawn as the morning light dances. Much of this book was written in the wee hours and I think that’s important, it’s the small things in life that matter.

When I’m not trying to think up creative ways of getting to the ‘kiss’ and dragging it out as long as possible… I’m usually lost in a vineyard, hunting for rare beach glass or at the bottom of a coffee cup with a record playing softly in the background.