Safren, Hannah

In 2013, Hannah Safren published her first book Dive under Write Bloody Publishing before pursuing construction sales at Polyglass, USA, where she still works today as a member of the commercial roofing team.

She resides in Surf City, a small beach town on the coast of North Carolina, with her wife and their daughter, June. June loves being outside, so that’s where they spend much of their time. They hike, they kayak, they (June) skip rocks off the dock, and they travel. Two of them drink good whiskey and none of them really sleep much thanks to one of them.

In Safren’s rare moments of silence, she enjoys writing at Diver Surfside Café, a modern coffee shop by her home that overlooks the intracoastal waterway. She dabbles in poetry, short stories, and occasionally she throws enough words together to call it a novel.

Mabel and Everything After is her debut novel with Bella Books.