Matthews, Lori G.

  • Outlaw Hearts by Lori G. Matthews $9.99
    October 17, 2024
  • #CassieNova by Lori G. Matthews $9.99
  • I Dare You to Love Me by Lori G. Matthews $9.99

Lori G. Matthews lives outside of Philadelphia with her wife and three cats. Her first brush with literary fame came at the age of thirteen when her composition, an amusing tale told from the perspective of a soccer ball, was the only one read aloud by her teacher. To this day, she still loves to write lighthearted comedies because laughter truly is the best medicine. When she’s not writing, Lori plays ice hockey, hikes, bikes, and bird-watches. But her favorite place to be is on the golf course, where she’s proudly earned the nickname Long and Wrong.

GCLS Goldie Awards

I Dare You to Love Me, Winner, Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length Novels.